The timeless classical style of the 1900s distinguishes the Heidi collection of door and window handles.

With its refined lines, Heidi is one of the most suitable handles for prestigious homes, where the authentic beauty of the furniture and the fine finishes are a clear declaration of love for beauty.

The rose of the Heidi handle is distinguished by two concentric ribs, making it precious and giving it a three-dimensional appearance. The neck, which is the part that connects the rose to the handgrip, develops harmoniously as if in an “embrace”. The latter starts and ends in the same way and recalls the classical style of the 1900s, exhibiting a delicate use of volumes and giving life to a particularly balanced silhouette, in one word: elegant.

The Heidi handle matches almost all types of doors, from those in wood such as walnut or cherry wood if chosen in warm finishes such as polished brass, to more modern doors if chosen in the unusual matt black finish where a velvety sensation of softness is conveyed to the hand.

The Aida collection is composed of the following models:

  • Handle with rose 
  • Handle on plate
  • Handle for window with SmartBlock anti-intrusion system

Available finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Matt chrome
  • Aged iron 
  • Polished brass
  • Patiné
  • Matt black

The design of the Heidi collection of handles reflects the original style that has always distinguished Linea Calì products, which in this case gives life to an exclusive object, one that cannot be equalled.

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