The relaxed and imaginative soul of the Louis XV style is reflected in the Aida collection of handles for doors, which was created with the intention of enhancing all environments furnished in a classical style, both residential and public.

The design of the handle draws its inspiration from the Louis XV style and is inspired by Rococò; it stands out from the latter in that it is less majestic and elaborated. The lines, although richly decorated, are more delicate and the structure is more slender.

It is a reflection of the change in lifestyle in which rigid solemnity was abandoned in favour of a more carefree vision. Households changed in comparison with those of the previous century, where rooms were made smaller and more comfortable. Formal rooms were separated from those reserved for family comfort, for everyday living, and the furniture was adapted accordingly taking on more minute and lighter forms.

The Aida collection of classic handles for doors reflects this style and way of life.

Its rose can be circumscribed in a rectangle; surrounded by precise and detailed carvings that give life to a twisted shape, it is crossed by two grooves that lighten the silhouette making it even more precious.

The handgrip has a floral motif that leaves room for a conical shape and takes up the grooves of the rose ending with a larger section, thus transmitting a pleasant sensation of comfort to the hand.

The elegant end piece completes the handgrip making it even more precious and sophisticated.

The Aida collection is composed of the following models:

  • Handle with rose
  • Handle on plate (available in two sizes)
  • Pull handle
  • Pull handle on plate

Available finishes:

  • French gold
  • French black
  • Gold plated 
  • Patiné

The Aida collection is made in Italy, more precisely in the industrial district of the province of Brescia, using only top quality brass.

Thanks to the particular manual processes to which it is subjected, each model of the Aida collection is different from the others, giving customers the opportunity to possess a unique and exclusive object.

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